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Undergraduate Education Leadership Initiative

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Have you ever wondered where a degree in education can take you?

When Dr. Michael Cowan was in college, he knew he wanted to be a teacher and decided to study elementary education. One day after school, he walked into his apartment where his five roommates sat on the couch waiting to tell him that he needed to consider studying something else, because they were all going to be successful in life and he would not if he became a teacher. He finally agreed to try some other courses, but ultimately felt good about moving forward with studying elementary education.

Fast forward through his career, he ended up doing a lot of good, served as a mission president, met with many politicians and became a superintendent and school district liaison. After meeting up with those same roommates years later, they were amazed at how successful he had become with a teaching degree.

What is the Initiative?

Dr. Cowan wanted to create a program to help others become aware of the different paths available in education, so the McKay School Undergraduate Education Leadership Initiative was created. Students can apply to join the program in which there will be monthly activities including speakers, mentoring, conferences, etc. If you are studying education and want to learn more about leadership opportunities in education, scan the QR code or click here to sign up for the program today!

Have other questions or not sure if the program is for you? Click here to schedule a meeting with a student ambassador.

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