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Get Ahead Courses in Elementary Education

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Thinking about joining the Elementary Education Program? Well, here are some classes you can take BEFORE getting into the Elementary Education program. If there are any questions about any of these courses schedule an appointment with your advisor! They are the best resource for courses and creating your grad plan for the program. Follow this link!

Here are the four courses you can take before getting into the program:

EDLF 201- Foundations of Education

This 3 credit course helps you as a teacher be prepared to understand the different issues and contexts in education (e.g., wealth, poverty, school and family, school and democracy and law, religion and education). It helps you as a future teacher understand some of the political and policy issues, financial and economic aspects and the structure of public education. This is a great course to get your feet wet in education and see how schools and education are an essential part of the community.

ARTED 326- Art for Elementary Teachers

In this 3 credit course (that can count as an Art GE) you get to let your creativity go wild. This course focuses on teaching you how to teach art in a classroom all while discovering the artist in yourself! Learn the purpose of interpreting and "reading" a work of art and how you can help your future students appreciate the art around them. Art can really be used in every lesson an Elementary teacher teaches and this course will give you some tips on how to use it effectively to teach.

TMA 352- Drama in the Elementary Classroom

This is the greatest 2 credit course you will ever take! Just like art, theatre/drama can be used in pretty much every lesson you will teach. It's just about knowing how to effectively incorporate it into your lessons. In this course you will learn how to create and PERFORM theatre presentations and lead some creative drama activities in your class. Even if you aren't confident in your theatre skills (like me), you will learn so many good skills and activities to use for all of your students.

MUSIC 378- Music for the Elementary Classroom Teacher

This is also another 2 credit course that gives you some great insight into how to use music in your classroom as a way to better teach concepts to your students. Students learn in all different types of way, so incorporating something like music into your lessons can help students better sink in the material you are teaching them. Something as simple as singing the 50 states and their capitals can help your students remember that concept better! This course gives you some great ideas and activities to use in the future and the importance of incorporating this art into your class.

Again, if you have any questions about how these will fit with your grad plan we encourage you all to make an appointment with your academic counselor at the McKay School! They will be more than happy to help, check out their website HERE!

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