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For the Benefit of the World: Part One

The BYU McKay School of Education has been collecting stories from students, faculty, and alumni to showcase what they have done for the benefit of the world. Click here to view the interactive map where over 200 people have added their story to the map. Check out a few projects that various people have submitted below:

Adriano Carneiro, Student Project

Adriano added his project to the map in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the summer of 2022. When describing his impact, he said, "I am using a gamified peer mentoring platform to help students in Brazil get motivated about their education and prevent them from dropping out of school."

Laura Jensen, Alumni Project

Laura is currently attending BYU again to receive her second master's and added her project to the map in Saratoga Springs, Utah in 2021. When describing her project she said, "I created a course for elementary general education teachers to learn the guiding principles of the Response to Intervention process and apply their new knowledge and skills to case studies drawn from scenarios commonly encountered at the elementary level. Qualitative data taken after the course’s completion suggested the teachers felt an increase in their understanding of and confidence in the implementation of the RTI process with at-risk students. High-quality and strategic interventions focused on data based individualization create positive growth opportunities and outcomes for our most needy students!"

Photo by Debra Brewster on Unsplash

Zack Beddoes, Faculty Project

Zack Beddoes is currently a PETE professor in the McKay School and added his project to the map in Provo, Utah in the summer of 2022. He wrote, "I am involved with a research/writing/thinking team of physical educators and teacher educators seeking to reimagine and redesign the field of physical education to serve the unique needs of children in 21st Century schools. This represents an ongoing mission consisting of multiple research, theoretical, and practical papers and presentations. These efforts are based on the concepts of collective action, justifiable variability, and equitable learning for all children."

Click here to schedule a meeting with a student ambassador and find out how you can become a teacher, for the benefit of the world!

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