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For the Benefit of the World

Recently, the BYU administration, with help from an outside agency, has been researching the motivations that lead students to apply to BYU, the core values and shared passions that drive staff and faculty members to dedicate their lives to serving students, and the connections that keep the alumni committed to sharing the light of their Gospel and educational experiences here at BYU with their neighbors and friends. With all of the findings from these groups, the University has drafted a "core message" to help guide our community with the words to describe how we achieve the missions and aims of a BYU education. You can read the core message for the University and more about the process of creating the BYU core message here.

The deans and administrators in the McKay School wanted to create a core message specifically for our school to help faculty, staff, and students understand how to tell the story of our shared experiences of serving and leading the McKay School. After months of research, writing, and refining the message, it reads:

At the BYU McKay School of Education, our inspiration is Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher. We educate for eternity, knowing that every person is a child of God with a divine nature and destiny.

Learning, for us, is life-giving-- it's why McKay School students commit to serving in challenging and noble professions, and why McKay School faculty dedicate themselves to being leading scholars, outstanding teachers, and role models of living the gospel.

As faculty, staff, and administrators, we devote our minds and spirits to our work, so we can nurture the full potential in others-- for the benefit of the world.

We asked our McKay School Student Ambassadors to reflect on this core message. Here are their responses.

Bethany Gold

"The new 'For the Benefit of the World' Campaign is really so wonderful! I feel like it gives meaning to the work we do as teachers. What is the purpose of teaching really and truly? It is to benefit the world. I often think about just how incredible it is that we have such a direct impact on the rising generation. We literally get to help them become their best selves! I just think that is so cool."

Stefania Amado

"The core message of 'For the Benefit of the World' means everything to me as a future teacher. Before I considered teaching, I knew I wanted to have a positive influence on everyone I interacted with. I have always dreamed of fulfilling a higher purpose in helping others. For this reason, our core message resonates with me and I truly believe in it being the purpose of educators. Teachers benefit the world with their positive influence over every generation that steps into their classroom. I hope, as a teacher, I can be a benefit to the world as I inspire each future child that walks into my classroom."

Anna Glenn

"I love this new core message and the focus on the impact that we have as teachers. When I think of who I want to be as a teacher, I hope that I am as Christlike a teacher as I can be. My Savior, Jesus Christ, taught to benefit each individual. However, through his teachings he benefited the whole world. As we focus on our students as individuals, we give them the opportunities to grow, learn, and impact others. Through this chain of impact, the world is benefited by a single teacher's goal to be more like Christ. We benefit the world as He did."

Alex Llanas

"I love the McKay School of Education’s core message because it empowers us to teach future generations using the guidance of the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ. When we are able to devote our minds and spirits to our profession, we can truly see and nurture the full potential in our students, ultimately benefiting the world! As teachers, we must dedicate ourselves to educating for eternity and the McKay School of Education’s core message truly shows that!"

Valery Abila

"My favorite part of the core message is that, 'we educate for eternity, knowing that every person is a child of God.' I love this because it reminds me that every single student I work with is loved and cared about by God! As we strive to see them through God’s eyes, we will develop a love for them and know how to help them. Heavenly father loves those children so much and cares about them so much, and He is trusting US to also take care of them and teach them. I know that He is someone we can turn to for help us as we 'devote our minds and spirits to our work.' I love that this is the core message of the McKay School because it encompasses everything we strive to be and reminds us to follow the most perfect example we have of a teacher--Jesus Christ!"

Elliot Roubicek

"My favorite line in the McKay School core message is 'we devote our minds and spirits to our work, so we can nurture the full potential in others.' As educators we have the opportunity to help our students reach their divine potential. We are all children of God, and we all have the potential to become more like Him. As we remember this in our classrooms, we will be more patient and nurturing to our students."

Annie Jacobson

"I think we all innately feel the need to have an impact on the world, and that is why I love the McKay School's core message of 'for the benefit of the world.' Teaching is truly an amazing opportunity to make an impact in society. As we love and nurture every student we get to teach, they will go into the world and spread that knowledge! Teachers instill confidence, provide opportunities, and help those who may feel lost. As more children feel this impact, they will become lifelong learners and continue to benefit the world throughout their ministry."

If you have any questions about the McKay School of Education or our core message, you can set up a meeting to talk with on of our student ambassadors here!

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