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Favorite last week of school activity K-12

The end of the school year is around the corner! Before we enjoy summer nights, we have one last week of school left!

When you think of the last week of school, what do you remember? Is it the fun end-of-the-year parties or the fun water games? There are several activities that we all were waiting so patiently for the end of the year. We asked BYU students and teachers what was their favorite last week's school activity!

A few of our BYU students and staff said:

  • Field Day

  • Picturebook read-aloud with sixth graders

  • Yearbook signing and watching movies

  • Gaint track and field with all of the 5th graders.

A few more ideas that you can do with your class are:

  • Create a review of the year through a newspaper.

  • Create a class survival book for the next year's class.

  • Go outside! Play fun outdoor activities such as outdoor scavenger hunt, water balloon fight, or cornhole!

  • Write letters to each other!

  • Stage your own classroom Olympics!

There are endless ideas of what you can do to have the best last week of school! Here are some links to more ideas you can use!

End-of-the-year activities are a great way to help students reflect on the school year and what they learned. These activities can help them recall memories, and skills learned and prepare them to enter the new grade.

As we provide end-of-the-year activities, we can share with students the achievements they achieved and help them see how much they have grown.

Message us at and tell us about your favorite last week of school activities!

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