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Explore Arts in Education with the Artful Teaching Podcast

Have you taken a look at BYU's Artful Teaching Podcast? If not, you might be missing out! Artful Teaching is a podcast involving different series where teachers and school faculty members share their thoughts on how the arts can be used as a benefit to schools. The teachers and guests share stories on how they have seen artful teaching in their experience and share their knowledge with the audience.

Here are takeaways from some of the episodes:

  • Good teachers are good questioners (What is action in research?)

  • We need to communicate our needs and respect what others communicate to us (Benefits of Touch)

  • You cannot truly say yes unless you are allowed to say no (Yes and No)

  • Humor can help bring people closer together (Humor)

  • Look outwardly and inwardly when thinking about ourselves and other people (Inside, Outside, Upside Down)

  • We can control what we project and our students can read our body language (Inside, Outside, Upside Down)

To listen to Artful Teaching and read more information, click here.

To read about a blog about the Seek Learning podcast, click here.

To schedule an appointment with an ambassador, click here.

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