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Experiential Learning: Teaching Assistant (TA) Spotlight

The McKay School provides many opportunities for experiential learning, like being a teachers assistant (TA)! A TA typically assists a professor with tasks such as grading assignments, leading discussions, holding office hours, and providing additional support to students. We recently caught up with Clara Jamison who is a TA for Erin Whiting's Secondary Multicultural Education class right now.

Meet Clara!

What are you studying?

"I am a junior studying Social Science Education with a Math Education Minor. I have always wanted to teach--I get many options with the Social Science major!"

What are your hobbies?

"I love to dance! I am on the BYU International Folk Dance Team."

What are you plans and goals after graduation?

"Hopefully get a teaching job as a High School geography, psychology, or math teacher. My goal is to educate and inspire students! I want to give students the opportunity and space to excel and feel valued. It is so important to have teachers that are looking after your success."

Any advice for people thinking about being in your major or for people who are just getting started in the program?

"Don’t get overwhelmed with thinking about being the “perfect teacher” now. This is just the beginning! For a while I felt like I needed to have everything figured out right in the beginning, but we are just gaining experience and knowledge. We cannot worry about being the perfect teacher before we are even in a classroom!"

Why did you decide to become a TA?

"I loved this class (SC ED 353) and wanted to gain more experience in this subject and as a future teacher."

What have you learned while being a TA? How can you apply this to your future classroom?

"I have learned how to think outside of just the curriculum and how to consider students' needs when creating assignments. Teaching is more than just what is meant to be taught, it's creating an environment that will cultivate students' growth."

We are grateful for Clara and all the other students who are working hard to become a teacher. If you want to learn more about experiential learning at the McKay School, meet with a student ambassador!

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