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ElEd Student Spotlight: Delaney Phillips

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Meet Delaney Phillips! Delaney is majoring in elementary education with a minor from the School of Family Life. Delaney is from Rifle, Colorado and served a Spanish-speaking mission in San Diego, California. Delaney loves to play sports, and she will be trying out for the BYU softball team this fall! Delaney is about a year into her program and has been loving it so far. I asked Delaney a few questions that helped me get to know her and her teacher identity! Lets check them out:

What made you decide on elementary education?

Both of Delaney's parents as well as her older sister are teachers. Delaney explained that she chose education because she "[loves] being around children and teaching, and so elementary education was the perfect fit." Hearing why others chose to become a teacher is so inspiring. Learning from others, like Delaney, keeps me motivated to be the best teacher I can be!

But wait, Delaney didn't stop there. Delaney is also doing a family life minor. She explained to me that she chose this minor because it teaches necessary skills that she can use with her future family.

What are your ultimate plans and goals as a teacher?

After Delaney graduates she hopes to teach in first or second grade. After she has taught, she hopes to start her own family.

Delaney explained that she wants "to help children develop a love for learning." She also explained how she wants to be a positive mentor in her students' lives.

Any advice for people thinking about becoming a teacher or are just getting started?

When asked for advice, Delany simply stated, "find ways to get into the classroom early because that is the best way to learn." I could not agree more! The classroom is the perfect place to learn.

We are grateful for Delaney and all the other students who are working hard to become a teacher. If you want to learn more about the ElEd major, meet with an advisor or a student ambassador!

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