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Come to the Careers in Education Panel Series!

If you have ever thought about teaching and want to hear from real teachers and administrators about their experiences, come to the Employer Panels!

1) Elementary Education (ELED) and Early Childhood Education (ECE)

On January 28th at 11 am we will hear from professionals in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education.

2) Special Education (SPED)

The panel on February 4th at 11 am will be focused on careers in Special Education.

3) Secondary Education

On February 17th at 11 am professionals in Secondary Education (middle school and beyond) will speak to us. Here is the information on what colleges house these majors.

We hope to see you there! Please come and learn about opportunities for employment in the field of education! If you have questions for McKay students currently studying education sign up here to meet with one of our Student Ambassadors.

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