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Career Paths in Education: David Boren

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Welcome back to another post in our career path series! Today we are highlighting David Boren, a current assistant clinical professor in the Educational Leadership and Foundations (EDLF) Department in the McKay School of Education. David has worked in administrative positions for many years and is currently the director of the BYU School Leadership Program. Check out his career path below:

David Boren created a "top ten for teachers" list including helpful advice for current and prospective teachers alike:

  1. Get clear on your "why" and courageously fight for it

  2. Take risks, seek feedback, be authentic

  3. Make consistent, incremental progress

  4. Be professional and a joy to work with

  5. Intentionally manage your time

  6. Be a team player

  7. Associate yourself with quality

  8. Take good care of yourself

  9. Build a positive classroom culture and find joy in the journey

  10. Love others and rely on the Lord

To learn more about the steps to become a teacher, click here to meet with a student ambassador!

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