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Career Paths in Education: Paul Ricks

We're back with another blog in our career path series! Today we are highlighting Paul Ricks, a current professor of children's literature in the McKay School of Education. After receiving a degree in elementary education from BYU, he worked in many different schools and occupations. With all of his expertise, we are so blessed to have him as a professor in the McKay School today! Check out his career path below.

Regarding teaching, Professor Ricks has two pieces of advice:

  1. "Make time to play. I think that's when we actually end up learning the most."

  2. "Don’t be too worried about finding the 'right' ways to teach; rather, find the ways that work best for you. The happiest teachers I know are the ones who go out their way to be unabashedly themselves. Conversely, the saddest ones are those who try to be someone else."

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