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What is the BYU Public School Partnership?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

You've probably heard your professors mention this in class--not sure what it's all about? Read on...

Since 1984 BYU has partnered with five other school districts: Alpine, Jordan, Nebo, Provo City, and Wasatch County. This relationship is very beneficial to both BYU, the school districts, and you as a future teacher. All McKay School students spend time completing their practicum and final student teaching or internship experience with one of the districts. The partnership's main philosophy is that great teachers come from great universities and that universities and public schools should continually learn from one another. Our professors work with teachers and administrators in the school districts, allowing the teachers to learn from the most current research, and in turn, our professors benefit from having a close relationship with teachers who are in tune with the needs of the students.

For you as a future teacher and someone who will learn from the mentor teachers in the various school districts it's probably comforting to hear that the support you receive in your first teaching experience is exceptional. Emily Reed, a student in the special education program who is currently working at one of the partnership schools for her practicum shares:

"I have loved being part of the partnership districts for my practicum experience. I am currently in the Nebo School District and I feel at home! I truly have become a Spanish Fork Junior High Lobos fan and I feel welcomed by all of the students and staff. Working with these districts has helped me build relationships that will hopefully benefit me when I am looking to be placed for an internship or a job. These teachers that I work with have become great resources for my future education career!"

Emily is just one out of hundreds that benefit from working at these schools!

This relationship has and will continue to be a huge blessing for all involved. We are so grateful to these districts and their partnership with us. If you want to learn more about their belief statements, click here, or click here to watch a video that explains the partnership.

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