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Become a Research Assistant in the McKay School

At BYU, students have a unique opportunity to work alongside their very own professors in their research. Not only do students gain experience in their field of work, but they get to dip their toes in some of the work that is typically done by graduate students.

The McKay School of Education conducts research that looks to improve the quality of education and to further knowledge and understanding of learning. In addition to furthering your education, research assistantships offer you the chance to attend academic conferences where your work is discussed and acknowledged by other prestigious analysts.

Tyler Beer, a junior majoring in Special Education with an emphasis in Severe Disabilities, currently works as a Research Assistant for one of BYU’s distinguished researchers and professors, Dr. Cutrer-Párraga. Tyler offered us an inside scoop on the job.

When asked about the particular research performed by Dr. Cutrer-Párraga and her team, Tyler explained that several projects are worked on at a time, but he is focusing on a project that discusses childhood trauma. Despite the heavy topics analyzed in his work, Tyler explained that he “could see [himself] using these findings in [his] classroom to enhance [his] teaching abilities.” The effect of research has proven to be both universal and personal for Tyler.

Tyler’s favorite part of analyzing and assisting in research has been “helping the world of education move forward.” If you are looking to make changes in your field, whether big or small, a job as a research assistant could help you have an impact.

So you may be wondering how to find out about these opportunities. “They are always looking for more RA’s,” says Tyler, so ask your professors in your field of study if they know of any opportunities relevant to you.

If you want to learn more about everything the McKay School has to offer check out our blog! Considering majoring in education? Meet with one of our ambassadors to help answer all of your burning questions.

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