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Managing Marriage/Parenthood and the MSE

This past summer, we asked our readers what content they want to see more of on this blog! One thing in particular that was mentioned was how to manage school (in the MSE in particular) and preparing for/being married. We took some time to talk to current students in the MSE who are married and/or have kids. Here are four of our MSE students and their thoughts on getting married/being a mom in college!

1. Abbey Orr: Elementary Education

Abbey, one of our student ambassadors, shared the hardest and best parts about marriage during school. She talked about the difficulty of prioritizing the proper things, but had a lot of advice to stay on top of things! Instead of abandoning things, "allocate a date/time that you will do each thing, [and] you feel a little more on top of things and [see] a light at the end of the tunnel." Ultimately, this stressful time just made her feel closer to her now husband! She said that this chance gave them opportunities to "both help each other and [that] prepares you for the trials you'll inevitably experience as a married couple... Remember, wedding planning doesn't last forever!"

2. Alyssa Chatterton, Special Education

Alyssa is a dedicated mom who has chosen to continue her degree. She says that "the hardest part about having a baby through [her] time at school is being away from her." Despite this difficulty, she is pushing through because she knows that she is showing her daughter the importance of education. She said, "I am going into teaching because of its hours to keep a close relationship with my kids." Her big advice is to focus on family because that is what's most important, but keep education in sight!

3. Courtney Marks, Communication Disorders

Courtney had the craziness of COVID and school while planning a wedding, but this experience has taught her a lot of lessons! She shared the following: "I think it's been a really great opportunity to have open conversations about expectations for the future, our family roles/gender roles, and what is important to us. I also think it's been really bonding to get to support each other in our school work and get excited for each other's academic successes."

4. Sierra Colby, Special Education

Working 20 hours a week, taking 15 credits, and volunteering at the temple can be a lot... and then add planning a wedding on top of it! Sierra said that the hardest part was "finding time and energy to complete all of the tasks you need to." Her advice is to be organized! Also, the biggest advice she gave is valuable for all to hear: "It is okay to schedule time for sleep and to do something that makes you happy, which hopefully is spending time with your fiancé! It might seem counterproductive when there are so many other more pressing things, however this will help you remember why you are willing to have such a busy schedule and help you not burn out!"

Marriage is eternal and parenthood is a sacred duty, but education is important as well! Stick with your degree! Want to hear more about the importance of education? Check out our blog post here.

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