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"If I made it, so can they"... advice from Lindsey Aguirre

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Since she got involved in being a volunteer reader to other students, Lindsey Aguirre has been hooked on education! She is

currently majoring in Elementary Education at BYU with a minor in TESOL K-12.

Lindsey is originally from Washington State, but moved to Georgia when she was 12! As the oldest child, she was the first to prepare to go to college. She said: "When I was finishing up high school, I still wasn't sure what I wanted to major in once I got to college. We had an elementary school right next to our high school and we had a day where we could volunteer to read to the students. I signed up and after reading to once class, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to helping students. The way that they ask questions and see the world is wonderful and knowing I could have some impact excited me."

Although the decision of what to major in excited Lindsey, she knew that it wasn't "always gonna be fairies and rainbows." Being an educator is important and it can be difficult at times. For those who are unsure of their path as a future educator, Lindsey suggests that you "talk to your academic advisor, figure out your head plan, and focus on why you want to teach."

In addition to majoring in Elementary Education, Lindsey has chosen to dive head first into the TESOL K-12 minor. She learned the majority of English in school and from her educators so she has taken great passion in this topic. She is one of the TA's for the introductory TELL class and said that, "if the minor was a major, I would double major [because] I want to help the way that I've been helped... If I made it, so can they." She hopes to become a TESOL teacher one day in addition to teaching elementary school before that.

We are grateful to have Lindsey Aguirre here in the ELED program at BYU.

Have a student you think deserves a spotlight? Comment below and we will reach out!

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