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5 Things You Didn't Know About Elementary Education

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

1. Every Day is Different

No two days are the same, and as a teacher, you will never be bored or unneeded. In fact, you will be the opposite as you acclimate to the role and responsibilities of a teacher! A critical aspect of teaching is learning; teachers learn from their student's learning. As an educator, you will always

be adapting, adjusting, and assessing your teaching style to meet the needs of your students. Due to this, every school day will be different and unlike the last. Not only are you modifying your teaching style, but you are making a learning environment that is enjoyable for your students.

Teachers manage change each year when they get a class of new students completely different than the class the year before. Teachers get to use different strategies to ensure students are engaged and that they can flourish! Teachers have the freedom to take risks, make their classroom fun, and improve their practices! Every day presents new opportunities to be a better teacher and to help students learn!

2. Technology Integration

People assume that as a teacher, you are limited to using textbooks, chalkboards, and whiteboards, but really classrooms have become quite the opposite. Elementary schools today are fostering new and exciting technology that will make learning independent and more attainable to all students!

We are on a frontier of more advanced, interactive, and technologically rich classroom! Technology also increases students motivation, understanding, and excitement for learning. It is inevitable for all schools to integrate new technology, and teachers will spearhead the new and dynamic 'smart classrooms'. You can create a class website or blog with a number of applications, make informative videos on Vimeo, collaborate with classrooms everywhere through Skype, make an Instagram account for George Washington, or travel to Paris or China with Google Earth! For those who may be worried about 'technical difficulties', no worries! Technology adapted for the classroom is user-friendly and reasonably easy to navigate!

3. Shaping Young Minds

“Good teachers may affect students much more broadly than through their impact on achievement test scores”, C. Kirabo Jackson

You have probably heard this numerous times from every teacher you have met, but as elementary school teachers you'll never realize the wide net that you cast and the scale of influence you have.

Teachers have the unique opportunity to be a person their students will want to emulate and model. We all remember our elementary school teachers, and so shall we be remembered by all of our future students.

Research has shown that children cultivate resilience through hardship by having at least one stable and committed relationship with an adult. For some students, a teacher is the only stable and reliable adult they can rely on. As teachers, we provide comfort and safety for students who may not be so fortunate. As teachers, we have the ability to foster motivation, self-esteem, and lifelong skills for our students. As teachers, we are their friends, advocates, and supporters when they may not have any others.

Grades and test scores don't fully reflect the influence you will have, and as a teacher, your life will be enriched as you help students prepare for the future. Children need teachers. So, seize the opportunity to become a friend, advocate, supporter, motivator, safe place, teacher of students, and elementary education major.

4. Teacher Salaries Are on the Rise $$$

Those who are interested in teaching may be hesitant due to perceived financial instability. But, salaries are actually on the rise and many districts have made it a priority to compensate teachers for their hard work! Below is a chart that shows what an entry level teacher would make in Canyon's district (located in Utah) compared to what you make as an entry-level employee for other careers. When looking at the amount of money made per day teachers make compared to these other jobs, it is evident that they are even more. This also considers the summers and holidays off as well!

To learn more about teacher salaries, we have written an informative blog post devoted to teacher salary and pay! It is worth the read especially for those who may be hesitant to teach due to pay and are interested to learn more.

5. Beyond Teaching

As a teacher, many more opportunities lead to careers such as administration, education policy, professional development, and many others! Learn more about the many careers you can pursue with a degree in teaching here. Some examples of careers in administration include school principals, assistant/vice-principal, school-district administrator, superintendent, private school dean, director of admissions, or preschool director. These careers involve leadership over students, teachers, schools, and school districts!

To learn more about the elementary education program, meet with an advisor in 350 MCKB or meet with our special education student ambassador.

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