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Cool Things to Do at BYU Part 2

Last time we posted about cool things to do at BYU, we really only mentioned two. There are so many other fun things that BYU has to offer to their students. Here are just a few more fun resources offered for students on the weekends, or just whenever you need a break from studying!


Did you know that as a BYU student you can bowl for FREE? That's right! BYU has a bowling alley in the Wilkinson Student Center, and each student gets a free game! Along with bowling, there is a selection of arcade games around the perimeter. Grab some friends and see who wins! The best part is, if you get bored of bowling, you can check out some billiard balls, or ping pong equipment and play some ping pong or pool instead. There are three pool tables and 2 ping pong tables right next to the bowling alley. So, even if one of your friends isn't a huge fan of bowling, they don't have an excuse anymore. There is something fun for everybody! Click here for more information!

The Wall

Hungry after bowling? No worries! Nearby in the Wilk is the trendy restaurant, The Wall, which offers everything from burgers and fries to paninis and salads. Not only does it have a fun atmosphere, the food is great too! It has received a 4.2 out of 5 stars on Google reviews! If you are ever hungry on campus, you'll have to check it out and let us know what you think!

Varsity Theater

Finally...$1 MOVIES... right on campus! BYU has a theater on campus where they show recently released movies for only one dollar! We're poor college can any theater expect more from us than that?! Some examples of the movies they have played in the last few months include: Star Wars VIII,The Greatest Showman, and Coco. So, if you ever want a night out, but don't want to break the bank, consider seeing a movie right here on campus!

Well, there you go! Hopefully some of these cool things offered at BYU will help you to let loose and have a little fun during the school year!

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