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Best Study Spots on Campus

While you may not be in school right now, we are here to warn you that things may get a little difficult. It’s nothing you can’t handle, but it is always good to be prepared and know a few nice places to work. BYU’s campus is full of peaceful spots to sit down and study. Here is a quick list of the top 5 (in my opinion) spots to study:

The Library

The Harold B. Lee Library is not only full of individual desks for studying, but resources to help you do it as well. It has a media center, writing lab, and even an entire section separated out for new students. Not to mention all of the books available to help you! There are even tables located outside if you are tired of being trapped indoors.

The McKay Building

As an education major, most of your education classes will be in the McKay Building (MCKB). There are a couple of really great study areas in the building, allowing you to catch up on work between classes. One is located in the middle of the first floor. It has several vending machines to help you get through your work. The other is located at the end of the hall on the first floor. It is called the TEC lab, and has rows of computers available.

The Life Science Building

If you get tired of hanging out in the McKay building all day, take a break and head over to the Life Science Building (LSB). It's the big, red brick building South of Campus. Like most buildings on campus, there is plenty of space to study indoors, but something that sets it apart from the others is the chance to study with a beautiful view of the mountains. When the weather is nice, take a break from your regular routine and study on the Life Science Building roof!

The Wilkinson Center

The Wilkinson Student Center (WSC), or "the Wilk" for short, has several locations that are great for studying. There is the central room on the second floor, aka the Terrace, which has several round tables with chairs. There is a balcony to the Terrace that wraps around the room lined with booths. And there is even an room called "The Den” on the first floor of the Wilk. This is a quiet place filled with tables and chairs…and more vending machines!

Education in Zion

Although this is a pretty cool exhibition to check out, it is also a great place to study! People are generally really quiet in there. Along with a few couches and comfortable chairs on near the windows, it has a beautiful view of the not-too-distant mountains. There are also several tables and chairs on the first floor, right below the exhibition, and even more outside in the courtyard. This is located in the middle of the Joseph Smith Building (JSB) on the second and third floors.

These are just a few locations on campus that are great for studying. Whether it's for five minutes or 10 hours, everyone needs a place where they feel comfortable and don’t easily get distracted. Once you have a chance to visit the campus or have reviewed this post, let us know where YOUR favorite study spots are! Comment below!

Also, check out the webpage here to learn more about the McKay school, or just see some more pictures!

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