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Young Women General Presidency Devotional Recap

After having the opportunity to hear from President Bonnie H. Cordon and Sister Michelle D. Craig from the Young Women general presidency, we (the MSE student ambassadors) gathered our thoughts from the devotional to recap for those of you who missed it or wanted to remind yourself of the words from our Young Women general presidency.


"As I reflect on what I learned from President Cordon and Sister Craig, I feel overwhelming gratitude for these women. They each brought new and interesting perspectives on what it means to be an educator. President Cordon explained that the path of an educator can and will look different for everyone. She also stressed the importance of involving our Heavenly Father in this discovery. I love how she explained that our paths will look different than how we anticipate, but that is okay! As we strive to teach with trust in the Lord and as we lean not unto our own understanding, we will be given direction throughout our journey."


"I adored the devotional. Sister Craig talked about how you can be an influence for anyone around you, whether you stay near or go abroad. The world needs what we, as righteous future teachers, have to offer. We have the power to show the rising generation that there is still goodness in the world! Sister Cordon closed with a promise that if we trust God, acknowledge his power, and lean not to our own understanding, we will receive direction in all that we need- including teaching! Though the path we walk may not be what we had in mind, God is truly the one in control. This devotional taught me so many things including allowing myself to let go of my need for control and being better at trusting in God."


"Sister Craig and President Cordon's words from the devotional really reinforced my feelings on why I chose to be a teacher. Being a teacher truly is a divine calling as we have the ability to influence and bless the rising generation. President Cordon's closing remark inspired me to view teaching with much mindfulness and of divine importance when she said, 'people will follow you. Now where will you lead them?' As teachers, it is our responsibility to lead the rising generation into a positive future. The devotional reminded me of what our shared goal as teachers should be, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have heard from two influential general authorities and McKay School alumni."


"My favorite thing I learned from the devotional is that as educators we have the ability to nurture the potential that is within others. Because we are all children of God, all people have divine potential no matter their age, gender, or abilities. In studying Special Education I can help students reach their full potential as I set a good example and do my best to love and teach them. This extends not only to future students. As educators we have the skills to help nurture the divine potential in our families, friends, and those we come in contact with."


"I feel so lucky to have been able to listen to President Cordon and Sister Craig! How lucky are we that they came to speak to US, the McKay School students? I loved the reminder they gave us that as we trust in the Lord, acknowledge Him, and lean not into our own understanding, He will direct our paths. I also loved when they said that we have the potential to influence and bless generations as we influence and bless a child. As I reflect on what I remember about my teachers, I realize that they had a tremendous influence on me and the person I am today. My teachers also inspired me to want to become a teacher because of the impact they had on my life. They made learning something I love to do, so I want to give back and do the same for the future generations and kids that I teach!"


"Having Sister Craig and President Cordon at BYU was an inspiring event. Sister Craig and President Cordon focused their devotional on The McKay School's newest aim 'For the Benefit of the World.' What impacted me most from their devotional was the very first display of their personal impact on the world. President Cordon had traveled across the US and then across the world before Sister Craig ever left her home state. Despite having little world outreach in her early life, Sister Craig’s impact was huge! President Cordon pointed out that we can benefit the world right where we are today. We can have an impact for good on those around us. We can be Christ’s hands and benefit the world simply by reaching out to the person next to us! As future educators are impact will be huge. But it all starts with those students right within our care."

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