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Why I Chose Education: Ashley Roberts

Since Day 1, I have always loved going to school! On my first day of kindergarten I walked into my classroom and told my mom and dad, "You can go home now."

When people would ask me what I want to

be when I grow up, I always said a mom and a teacher; nothing sounded more

exciting than that. Now that I am older I still have the same mindset! Teachers were always my favorite people to be around. I also have a great love for children. I love being around them, playing with them, teaching them, and just feeling the spirit that surrounds all of God's children.

When I began my freshman year at BYU, I actually started as an elementary education major. I loved the prerequisites for this major, but after spending time in various special education classes through volunteer and job opportunities, I discovered that special education with an emphasis in severe disabilities is the right path for me!

I love specifically having the opportunity to teach students with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities are a population in the world who are typically marginalized from society. I know this is not how our Heavenly Father views any of his children. I want to ensure that all my students know how much they are loved and needed on this earth, no matter the challenges they were given in this life. I love helping these students grow and progress with the infinite potential that Heavenly Father has given them. I am so excited to have my own special education classroom one day!

Want to learn more about special education or other majors in the McKay School of Education? Click here to schedule a meeting with a student ambassador!

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