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What the Student Ambassadors have Learned from the Master Teacher

Here at the McKay School we strive to model our teaching after the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ. We asked the student ambassadors what they have learned about teaching from the Master Teacher, and this is what they said!

Megan: "Learning about how to teach with Jesus Christ as my constant example has made me a more compassionate person. As I strive to be like Him I find myself becoming more and more Christlike. I hope that after I graduate and have my own classroom I can carry those traits with me as I continually strive to be like Him as I teach children of God."

Bethany: "What I have learned from the Master Teacher: Jesus Christ taught that we are all children of God. He ministered to the one, helped those in need, and forgave those who wronged Him because He knew of their divine potential. I want to be like this, even when I'm struggling with my students, always remembering that they are children of God."

Ashley: "I have learned so much from Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher! I would say the most important principle I have learned from Him is seeing others where they are, while at the same time having high expectations for where they can go. I strive to see each of the students I work with in this same manner."

Annie: "I constantly find myself learning from Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher. He understands all of us perfectly, which gives Him the ability to mold His lessons into exactly what we need to hear. This semester, I am striving to more fully understand my students in order to provide the lesson that best matches their needs. While I know I won't be perfect at understanding my students, my Savior has helped me understand that it is okay to fail and try again. I know that trial and error is how we eventually become more like the Master Teacher!"

Check out this reel made with answers to the same question by other students! Want to learn more about the McKay School of Education? Click here to schedule a meeting with one of our student ambassadors.

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