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What the McKay School Mission Statement Means to Us!

"We strive to model the attributes of Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, as we prepare professionals who educate with an eternal perspective."

Check out what the McKay School mission statement means to the student ambassadors!


The mission statement of the McKay School reminds me of the uniqueness of receiving an education at Brigham Young University. I believe the attributes of Jesus Christ: patience, compassion, forgiveness, and charity are some of many that the McKay School values and can be used to become a better teacher to students in need. Even if you are not religious, these are attributes to look up to. As teachers, it is important to try to be the best we can be for our students. The mission statement serves as a reminder of what kind of attributes will prepare us to serve our students in the best way we can.


The meaning of the mission statement was solidified for me just this last semester. In striving to be the best teacher I can be, I’ve noticed the warmth and joy that comes from teaching. Striving to model the attributes of Christ the Spirit not only comforts us through our teaching but actually aids in our students' learning. The knowledge that is shared and gained through the Spirit is foundational to life!


I love the mission statement of the Mckay School of Education! To me, it means striving to be like Jesus Christ in every aspect of teaching. At times this can be overwhelming because Christ was such a perfect teacher, but I find so much comfort in knowing that through Him I can become the best teacher. The mission statement inspires me to work hard every day and rely on Him through both my successes and failures. Learning how to teach can be hard, but having Christ as my exemplar gives me so much comfort!


The BYU McKay school mission statement is one of my favorite things about the program. What kind of school can say that their mission statement is to “strive to model the attributes of Jesus Christ?" This inspires me to do better every day. When I'm in my classes I just remember I'm trying to be like Jesus. He was the Master Teacher and the goal of the program is to learn to be like Him!


The BYU McKay School mission statement is so special and it is something that really stood out to me as I was touring colleges. I knew I wanted to go into education so on my tour of BYU while I was in high school, they took me inside the McKay school and my tour guide really emphasized the mission statement. At that moment, I remember feeling chills when I realized that as we learn to become teachers, we have the most perfect example of what a teacher is — Jesus Christ! He taught with love and compassion, He was caring, and He helped everyone and anyone! That is what we get to do as teachers! I know that if I ever feel like I am falling short as a teacher, I have my Savior to look up to, guide me, and encourage me.

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