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What's your favorite MSE class?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

One of the best parts about being an education major is taking all of the AMAZING

classes we have here in the McKay School of Education (MSE). Sometimes it's the professor that makes the class, and sometimes it is the content of the class itself. Regardless, we pride ourselves in interesting and engaging classes here at the MSE.

Although each class has its importance, some classes just seem to stick with us more than others. Some of our MSE alumni took time to share with us their favorite classes from their time as undergraduate students at BYU.

  • Taylor Baird (1st grade teacher)- ECE 202 Foundations of Child Development

  • Mary Gillespie (2nd grade teacher)- EL ED 324 Foundations of Classroom Management

  • Taylon Mann (4th grade teacher)- TMA 352 Drama in the Elementary Classroom

  • Amelia Spencer (K-6 special educator)- Behavior Classes [CPSE 410 Applied Behavior Analysis in Education & CPSE 442/443 Social and Behavioral Strategies for Students with Mild/Moderate or Severe Disabilities]

Want to hear why our alumni LOVED these classes? Check out the video below!

What has been your favorite class in the McKay School? Or what class are you most looking forward to in your undergraduate degree? Comment below!

Feel free to reach out to an ambassador at or schedule an appointment with us here to hear more about the classes you will take in your specific education major!

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