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"What's Your Favorite Class?" Early Childhood Edition

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

As student ambassadors, we get asked this question a lot! Here are a few of our favorite classes that we've taken as part of the Early Childhood Education program:

ECE 202 - Foundations of Child Development: Child development is one of the first opportunities you will have to develop dispositions that are grounded in moral, spiritual, and intellectual understandings. This class also helps future educators understand developmental challenges and what they mean for classroom instruction.

Child development is a requirement for the Early Childhood Education major, and it is one of my favorites. I loved child development because it allowed me to recognize and appreciate the capabilities and limitations of my students. Childhood development helps future educators prepare by writing lesson plans and connecting Utah core standards to class instruction. This class is a great introduction to the core pieces of what it means to be a moral educator and a great guide on how to get there!

For more information on ECE 202, click here

ECE 301 - PE, Health, and Play: PE, health, and play are all major aspects of child development. This class provides application ideas and an overview of what these principles look like in a classroom.

ECE 301 is a new class at BYU and a recent addition to the Early Childhood Education course plan. This class provides key pedagogical practices to ensure a good environment for students. ECE 301 prepares future educators with an understanding of motor skills and content specific to physical education, health, and play. I loved this class because it got me outside and gave me a bigger perspective on what a child needs in their classroom environment.

For more information on ECE 301, click here!

MUSIC 378 - Music for the Elementary Classroom Teacher: In MUSIC 378, Students have the opportunity to acquire personal musicianship skills applied to knowledge of age-appropriate musical activities, materials, and delivery techniques.

I loved this class because I am extremely passionate about music in the classroom. That being said, I would not say that I am musically inclined. Music 378 allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and learn techniques that will enable me to incorporate music in my future classroom without getting overwhelmed. It provides opportunities to work in an elementary classroom and experience music education firsthand. This class is interactive and uplifting in all the best ways!

For more information on MUSIC 378, click here.

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