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What Multicultural Student Services are Available on Campus?

The Multicultural Student Service Office on campus values the total development of the multicultural students at BYU. They facilitate this through the services they offer and help all multicultural students learn, grown, and be successful!

What is the Multicultural Student Services office?

The Multicultural Student Services office (MSS), is a unique team of multicultural specialists who value the total development of the multicultural student. They offer holistic advising which means the advisers help with graduation plans, class schedules, involvement, and more!

Who does the MSS office serve?

The Multicultural Student Services office serves American minority students and the university community at BYU by offering a number of programs and services.

What services are offered?

  • Types of Advisement that can be received from the MSS office:

    • Academic

    • Financial

    • Personal

    • Cultural

  • Cultural Programs promote unity through diversity at BYU! These programs give multicultural students the opportunity to connect, feel like they belong, and learn about each other's cultures. These events are open to all BYU students as well!

  • SOAR is a college preparation program that helps recruit a diverse body of students and helps young multicultural students understand the value of college.

Where is the MSS office located?

The Multicultural Student Services office can be found in room 1320 of the Wilkinson Student Center.

How can I contact the MSS office?

The MSS office phone number is 801-422-3065. Their email is You can meet with an MSS advisor by making an appointment on their website. Once you are on their website, you click on "Advisement" then on "Make an appointment." You fill out the form that only takes a few minutes and the advisor you meet with is based on the first letter of your last name!

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