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What is the Design Thinking minor?

Are you looking for the perfect minor to match your major in education? Consider Design Thinking!

Design thinking is defined as the process of coming up with new ways to conquer tough challenges. This might look like using artistic principles to tackle a problem with classroom organization or implementing an experimental approach to data collection on your student's progress. In essence, this minor teaches you the framework for problem-solving through discovery, realizing ideas, collaborating with others, and taking the outside world and using it to facilitate learning.

Design thinking is becoming an essential tool for educators and their students. The ability to create and design processes, lesson structures, and classroom curriculum is an invaluable skill that can set you apart as a teacher.

So, what sort of classes make up this minor?

Design thinking pulls from several departments including the School of Design, the School of Experience Design Management, the School of Technology, and Integrating Psychology and Technology. You will become proficient in using educational applications, creating tools for your classroom, and finding resources from which you can pull to help tackle education.

Want to figure out if this minor is for you? Click here for the details! Check out the course list here to find out how to get started.

Look through our blog to find more information on the education majors in the McKay School. Do you have any questions about becoming an educator? Set up a meeting with one of our student ambassadors here!

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