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FAQ: What is Practicum?

Updated: May 1, 2023

At the McKay school, you have probably heard the word 'Practicum' in classes or conversations with peers. Especially since practicum is a requirement to complete your degree, many students are curious about what exactly practicum entails and their responsibilities as a practicum student. Along with a few assignments, practicum is practice! It's time for those who are preparing to become educators to learn from a mentor teacher and practice teaching in a real classroom. It scaffolds students as they step into the role of an educator.

We made a video that answers some frequently asked questions about practicum. This video is the first of a FAQ series with future videos answering questions about other topics such as student teaching, internships, the fingerprinting process, etc.

If you are interested in watching the other videos in our FAQ series, click here! Any questions? Reach out to an academic advisor HERE.

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