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What I Learned this Week: Special Education

Congrats! You've made it half way through the semester! Students in the special education program have been working hard in their classes at the McKay School and at various school districts in practicum for the past 8 weeks. Read about some of their experiences!

Caroline: "This week in practicum I learned the importance of not gossiping about your students. When students hear you talk negatively with para-educators or other teachers about other students in your class, they will copy your opinions. Students will also lose trust in you by thinking 'What does my teacher say about me when I am not around?' Replace complaining or ranting with positivity. If you are going to share things about your students with others teachers, share the wins."

Oakley: "This week I came to a realization that each student we teach has potential. As teachers we will be able to help find tools that will help each student to meet that potential and progress. I get to attend practicum in a resource classroom for students with challenging behavior. This week I was able to see my mentor teacher make some connections with a student and really help him grow. Those connections are essential in helping students feel important and encouraging them to achieve great things."

Want to learn more about special education or the other majors offered in the McKay School? Click here to schedule a meeting with a student ambassador!

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