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What I Learned This Week: Early Childhood Education

This week, we asked three practicum students studying Early Childhood Education to tell us something they learned this week in class or in practicum. Here is what they said:

Alex Llanas- Practicum student

"This week in my ECE classes, I have been learning about the importance of connecting and collaborating with the families of our students! When we make an effort to get to know the families of our students, we strengthen the home-school connection and help our students' families feel like they are a part of their child’s educational experience. It also helps give some insight into each family's unique experiences and culture, which ultimately influence the student's engagement and classroom experience. As a teacher, knowing this is critical because it helps us modify the way we approach individual and whole group instruction to tailor to our students' stores of knowledge and make our classroom more inclusive and supportive! One of the most important things teachers do is create a safe and supportive environment for their students to learn. By actively working with their families, we can figure out the best ways to do this."

Emme Sirmans- Practicum student

"This week in my ECE classes we are learning about creating meaningful home and school connections. I love being able to learn how I can build strong relationships with my future students' families! These connections will help me understand each child individually and help them understand me a little better too."

To learn more about Early Childhood Education or the other majors of the McKay School, schedule a meeting with a student ambassador here!

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