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What I Learned This Week: Early Childhood Education

Updated: May 12

We asked students and graduates studying Early Childhood Education to tell us something they learned this week in class, practicum, or in their classroom. Here is what they said:

Morgan- Practicum student

"This week in practicum I learned how important it is to empower our kids. Sometimes an encouraging compliment makes all the difference in a child’s performance and behavior. As teachers, we need to remember that our job is not always all about teaching the child what they don’t know, but appreciating what they do know and what they are capable of!"

Annie Jacobson- Practicum student

"This week in my classes, I have been learning about the importance of assessment. I have learned about different assessment methods, why we need assessment, and how to ensure proper assessment. I also learned that assessment is so much more than a point blank correct or incorrect. Communicating and spending time with children in a learning environment gives educators the opportunity to see what their students really know! Gathering assessment data can certainly be overwhelming but I this week I have come to understand how important assessment really is!"

Dorie Haws- Early Childhood educator

Teaching in a university lab school setting offers learning opportunities every day. Currently, my job consists of booth observation and giving feedback to the pre-service teachers who are teaching in the classroom. Quite frequently cheers go up for them (even though they can’t hear me in the booth) because of the growth I witness in them almost every day. These teachers plan and implement centers for the preschool children. As I observe them plan, teach, reflect and do that again for the next four days, I continually learn that growth and change can happen quickly. When we are aware of what good teaching looks like and sounds like, growth can happen each day for these teachers in training. Their growth reminds me that I can also change and grow in my teaching journey!

To learn more about Early Childhood Education or the other majors of the McKay School, schedule a meeting with a student ambassador here!

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