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What Elliott Roubicek has Learned from The Master Teacher

When I was deciding what university to attend, I knew that no matter what I wanted to go to one of the BYU campuses. I longed to have a gospel perspective in my education and especially in the process of becoming a special education teacher.

In my major, I have the opportunity to work with students who have severe cognitive disabilities. They may not have the same abilities as their peers, but the light of Christ shines bright within them. I truly feel blessed to work with this group of people. My experiences so far in the classroom have taught me just how much I can learn from the students. They show great charity, humility, and joy.

As someone who works closely with people of different abilities, everyday I see physical and mental limitations that keep students from their dreams of being like and connecting with their peers. I see others mistreating, making fun of, or putting down people who have disabilities. In all of this heartache, I remember my knowledge and testimony that through Christ, it can all be made right.

One thing I have come to understand while at BYU is that Christ has the ability to see people for all they can become. In other words, He sees our true and full potential and knows how to help us get there. This is something that I try to apply to my teaching every day. My students might not be able to learn at the same rate as their peers, but I believe that everyone, no matter their abilities, has great potential. Growth looks different in my classroom, but that doesn't mean it's not there. Already, I have seen students make great progress and learn skills that other people might not expect of them.

Christ has also taught me that I need to teach individuals and take the time to help the one. Our Savior is known for seeking out the one and helping them along their way. In my classroom, I try to do the same. My students need individualized instruction that is tailored to them. I feel motivated to do this because I know that the Savior does the same for me.

I feel so blessed to let Christ lead me in my education and in my teaching. I truly know that He is the Master Teacher and can help me with any need that I have in my life and in my future classroom.

If you are thinking about teaching, especially teaching Special Education, I would love to meet with you. You can schedule an appointment here!

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