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The Immeasurable Impact of Teachers

If you were to make a list of all the people who have impacted you the most throughout your life, there is a chance that one of them might be a teacher. Looking back at my own life, I remember each of my teacher's by name, the things they taught me, and how they made me feel.

Teaching has long been considered one of the most impactful careers. One statistic even shares that 88% of people say that a teacher had a significant, positive impact on their life. It's true what they say that "The influence of a good teacher can never be erased" (unknown). Teachers help students learn academically, teach societal values, and help increase self-esteem. Teachers are the mentors to the rising generation. And you can be apart of this!

We asked a few stundents to share an expirence of when a teacher has impacted their life!

Jansen Ence:

All throughout my middle and high school career I was a 4.0 GPA student but for some reason my senior year I decided to take chemistry (don’t ask me why I decided to do that). Chemistry was really hard for me and I was going to end with a C after the first semester but luckily my teacher cared about me that he was willing to stay multiple hours after school for a certain amount of days to work with me individually so I could understand the material and succeed in the class! This meant a lot to me that this teacher was willing to use his personal time to help me learn and understand! Through this extra time working together we were able to develop a friendship that existed outside of the classroom! It made the rest of the school year fun! During down time in class we would always play corn hole or shoot hoops on the mini basketball hoop that was in the classroom. I’m grateful for this experience and hope I can bond with my future students just like this teacher did with me.

Kamora Shelton:

In 7th grade I was put in advanced classes and I felt like I didn’t belong there. Everyone else seemed so much smarter than me. One day my English teacher was passing back our tests and she said, “we had one student get 100%” . I was only half listening to her because I knew it wasn’t me so when she placed the 100% test on my desk I looked up shocked. She then said something that’ll stick with me forever. She said, “don’t be surprised Kamora, you are smart.” It was a simple statement but that helped me feel more confident and like I belonged in those classes.

Riane Finger

I was painfully shy when I started elementary school, to the point where I was terrified to participate or talk to anyone. Luckily, I had an amazing teacher who never forced me to do something I wasn't ready to do and always made sure to check in on me and make me feel seen. Soon enough I felt safe in her classroom and started to overcome that shyness. She never made me feel bad or like there was something wrong with me because I didn't feel comfortable talking but she always made sure I was still heard and helped me participate until I was ready to do it on my own. Without her it I don't know that I would have ever overcome that.

Want to learn more about the impact you can have a student's life? Click here to set up a meeting with a student ambassador to learn more about how to start your journey of becoming a teacher.

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