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We're Thankful for Teachers!

Updated: May 10, 2023

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This special time of year is meant to show our thankfulness to those who are the most important to us. When expressing your gratitude this season, don't forget to thank your teachers! Teaching can sometimes be thankless job, but now more than ever, we should be letting our teachers know how much we appreciate their efforts to teach us, be a mentor or role model, and or just to be our friend.

Thanksgiving Video

In this season of thankfulness, we gathered a few videos from BYU students who want to tell us about their favorite teacher and thank them.

Ways To Thank A Teacher

You may be wondering "How can I thank my teacher when we are socially distancing or may not even live near them anymore?" That is what we are here for!

Here are some ways you can technologically thank your teachers:

- Send them an email expressing your thankfulness

- Send a virtual card, here are some we found that we particularly like!

- Send them a cookie from Crumbl or their favorite treat

- Post something on social media about them and use the hashtag #thankateacherbyu

- Be creative! Teachers love creativity, and there are plenty of apps that help you create

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