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Tara Goulding– Advisor, Mother, Traveler

If you are a Secondary Education Major or a Communication Disorders Major, you have probably had the opportunity to meet your advisor, Tara Goulding! In fact, Tara says that her favorite part about her job is "meeting with students and preparing mentor teachers to help meet the needs of students."

We want to tell you a little more about Tara and how she has gotten to where she is now!

Tara married her high school sweetheart and she is blessed to now have four children, one daughter-in-law, and one granddaughter. She absolutely loves spending time with her family, especially when it involves traveling or puzzles. Traveling is a big passion of Tara's!

Before coming to BYU as an academic advisor, Tara had a rich background in education. She received a Bachelor's of Science in Education: Business and Music K-12 as well as a

Masters in Education Leadership and Masters in Academic Advising. This prepared her well for her current position. After working as a public school teacher for seven years and an administrator for three, she took her chance to jump into the academic advisor position. She says, "[I] saw the job openings for an Education Advisor that required a Master's Degree and having been a licensed teacher. That was totally ME!! I applied and was hired. I've been doing this same job for almost 11 years now. I love it!!"

Tara has wonderful advice for all BYU students who are choosing a career. Here is what she

said: “Remember that your undergraduate degree is just a stepping stone. It is not the end of the career journey. Choose something that you love and that you are good at for your undergraduate and then see how that goes. Be willing to continue learning and growing and finding new things you love to do. That could mean graduate school or job experiences or both. Also, remember that every person is on a different journey in this life. Focus on your own path and don't compare to others."

Secondary Education majors and COMD majors... get to know Tara! She can help you make a graduation plan, learn more about your future career field, and much more. You can schedule an appointment here!

Is Tara not your advisor? No worries- you can read more about your advisor here.

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