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Summer Book Club Recap

With our summer break officially over, it's time to recap the books we read! Take a look at what the McKay School Student Ambassadors thought of our Summer list.

Mindset - Carol Dweck

"Mindset by Carol S. Dweck is a book that challenges your mindset as it educates you on what a growth mindset and fixed mindset looks like in multiple scenarios. Throughout the book, the reader has a chance to figure out what mindset most resonates with them and how to overall mold into a growth mindset. I enjoyed this book because I believe a growth mindset can help your life and the way you interact with the situations life throws at you. As future educators, having a growth mindset will not only benefit us, but our students as well. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to improve their outlook and reaction to life." - Stefania Amado, ELED

Out of My Mind - Sharon M. Draper

"This book was life changing. I like to think of myself as an open minded person who empathizes, but this book helped me realize that I can always do better. Out of My Mind is written from the perspective of a young girl with physical disabilities that limit her movement and communication. These disabilities prove to be a problem for some teachers who treat her differently because of them. As the reader grows alongside the main character, she or he learns not only just what it means to never judge a book by its cover, but also what it means to be a supportive teacher. I recommend this book to anybody considering teaching. Out of My Mind gives an inside perspective on the life of a marginalized student and just how important it is to have teachers that truly believe in their kids."

- Anna Glenn, SPED

I Wish My Teacher Knew - Kyle Schwartz

"I really loved reading, I Wish My Teacher Knew this summer! Some ideas I absolutely loved about this book were Kyle Schwartz’s undying emphasis on relationships, community, and team building. I also really appreciated the amount of research that she shares in this book, along with the tips and tricks she's found that have worked in her classroom and school, on her own and with colleagues. I also absolutely loved the stories she shared about her students. This book was eye opening for me and I highly recommend that all future educators read it because it points out problems students in today’s world may face, but it also offers realistic solutions for teachers. In our classes, we don’t explicitly learn how to deal with problems our future students could be facing (like student mobility, mental health, abuse, etc), but after reading this book, I am more aware, and feel a bit more prepared."

- Val Abila, ELED

If you are looking to improve your teaching practice, take time to learn from the best books. Read our recommendations and let us know what you think!

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