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Student Perspective: McKay School Classes with the Greatest Impact

One of the best parts about being an education major is taking all of the AMAZING

classes we have here at the McKay School of Education (MSE). Sometimes it's the professor that makes the class, and sometimes it is the content of the class itself. Regardless, we pride ourselves on interesting and engaging classes here at the MSE.

There are TONS of classes you take in the McKay School of Education that impact you and help you realize the kind of teacher and person you want to become. Check out what classes impacted these MSE students!

Savanna Bangerter (SPED - Severe): CPSE 410 - Applied Behavior Analysis in Education

"CPSE 410 was the first class that I took after I was admitted into the special education program. After taking the intro to sped class I felt overwhelmed with the idea of taking on certain behaviors in the classroom and taking data on those behaviors. This class covered data collection, behavior analysis, and how to change or replace behaviors. It taught me at a pace that I could understand and gave me many chances to interact with my classmates. Throughout the course, we had many opportunities to practice what we were learning with ourselves and roommates or family members. At the end of the course, I felt more comfortable and confident in the classroom and dealing with behaviors."

Chris Brown (EL ED): IP&T 373 - Teaching in K-12 Online and Blended Learning Contexts

"One of the most impactful classes I’ve taken in the Mckay School was IP&T 373, integrating technology in the classroom. As a prospective teacher, I often worry about how I’ll manage a teacher’s workload, student behavior challenges, and the difficult task of teaching content. IP&T 373 was so influential for me because it introduced me to several technologies that can be used to engage students and help them achieve deeper learning. This then allows me to spend more time helping individual students with their behavior and content mastery. I am now a firm believer that technology is essential in classrooms to help teachers be more efficient and better manage the demands in their classrooms."

Stefania Amado (EL ED): TELL 450 - Family, School, and Community Partnerships

"The most influential class I have taken since in the McKay School has been TELL 450. TELL 450 really pushes you to place yourself in the shoes of English learners and learn about the experiences they go through as they learn English in the United States school system. I believe this class did a fantastic job in preparing you to know how to help English learners feel seen and loved."

Tara Crouch (EL ED): EL ED 340 - Children's Literature

"Children’s literature made me more determined to cultivate a larger love of reading in my home. This class also made me realize that it is ok to have questions, that it is ok to think outside the box and it is ok to have great big feelings without being embarrassed! Dr. Ricks inspired me to pursue a graduate degree in children’s literature. Hands down my favorite class of my degree!"

Valery Abila (EL ED): EL ED 399R - Classroom Management and Practicum 1

"It was hard to choose just one class because all of my classes have been so impactful and I have loved absolutely all of them! In the old program, there was EL ED 324, which was Classroom Management but now it has been incorporated into your practicum semesters. I think it's so awesome that you get to apply the classroom management skills you learn about in class, in the classroom, and you're in for practicum right away. My first practicum class has been the most impactful thus far, because I was able to see everything I've learned so far, in action and got real experience being in a classroom, writing lesson plans, actually teaching the lesson plans I wrote, and working with a mentor teacher! I learned so much in a semester that has impacted me, given me an idea of the kind of teacher I want to become, and helped me realize the area I need to improve! I am really excited about my second practicum and student teaching!"

Want to hear why our alumni LOVED these classes? Check out the video below!

If you want to know more about what classes in the McKay School are like, or have any questions about the MSE and education majors, reach out to the student ambassadors here! We would love to chat with you!

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