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Spotlight on McKay School Minors

Have you thought about adding a minor to your schedule? getting a minor can help you broaden your career opportunities, provide specialized knowledge, enhance academic growth and more! We've compiled a list of minors offereded here in the McKay School fot you!

Design Thinking

This program prepares students to find creative solutions to common issues and helps teachers design engaging curriculum.

Learn more about Design thinking here!

Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL) K-12

This program prepares both teaching candidates and practicing teachers to work with linguistically and culturally diverse students in the regular classroom with pedagogic practices that are effective for all learners.

Learn more about TESOL here!

Physical Education Teaching and Coaching

This minor prepares students to teach PE or coach in a Secondary (6-12) setting, open to secondary teaching majors only (for example, English, Spanish, Mathematics Education, etc.)

Learn more about PE Teaching and Coaching here!

Arts in the Elementary Classroom Minor:

Participants will experience hands-on engaged learning in dance, drama, media arts, music, visual arts, and literary arts with lessons to use with elementary students. Teachers will improve their own skills in the arts as well as learn pedagogy to teach and integrate the arts.

Learn more the art integration minor here!

There are many more teaching minors available to you as an education student. For more options and information on teaching minors at BYU, click here. 

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