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My Favorite Children's Book

As future educators, it is important to think about what kinds of books we would like to fill our classroom library with. Teachers need to be mindful of the messages and representations given in their classroom's children's books.

One of my favorite children's books by Tim Tebow and A.J. Gregory, Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember, shares a message on the importance of each person.

There is a party in town and Bronco, a dog with glasses, is having a hard time finding a puzzle piece that grants him access to the party. As Bronco goes through his journey of finding the piece, more friends join his adventure to tag along for the party. The group of friends all share similar feelings of being different and alone. However, this story shares the unique characteristics of each animal and how they are important.

I love the message of belonging and individuality this book shares. I believe it's important for children to know they have something to contribute in this life and that they belong.

Message us at and tell us about your favorite children's books and the messages they can teach!

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