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Minors in the McKay School

Are you curious to know about the minors in the McKay School of Education? We compiled a list of some of the minors offered in the McKay School with basic information to help you explore your minor options.

Minors in the McKay School of Education:


The TESOL K-12 minor focuses on teaching English to speakers of other languages. In this minor, you will learn more about other cultures and put yourself in the shoes of those students that come from diverse backgrounds. For more information on the TESOL K-12 minor, click here.

Physical Education Teaching/Coaching Minor:

In the PE Teaching/Coaching minor, you will take a variety of student wellness and health classes to prepare you to teach physical education and/or coach. Students majoring in secondary education subject teaching majors are eligible to add this minor to their course of study. For more information on the PE Teaching/Coaching minor, click here.

Design Thinking Minor:

In the Design Thinking minor, you will take 9 courses outside of your major to learn important skills that working professionals seek after. This minor is all about collaborative work and projects with students from all kinds of different majors. For more information on the Design Thinking minor, click here.

Popular Minors Taken By McKay School Students in Other Departments:

Dual-Language Immersion K-12 Teaching Minor:

The Dual-Language Immersion K-12 Teaching minor focuses on teaching in a dual-immersion program. In this minor, you will learn how to teach in the language of your choice in a program specific to that language. There are multiple languages in the Dual-Language Immersion minor including Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. For more information on the Dual-Language Immersion K-12 Teaching minor, click here.

Arts in the Elementary Classroom Minor:

In the Arts in the Elementary Classroom, or, Art Integration minor, you will be prepared to infuse arts into the subjects you teach in grades K-6 in public schools. The course work will prepare students to integrate dance, drama, music, and visual art into other areas of core curriculum taught in elementary classrooms.You will be required to take several art courses that will give you broad knowledge and experience with different art forms and techniques. For more information on the Arts Integration minor, click here.

There are many more teaching minors available to you as an education student. For more options and information on teaching minors at BYU, click here.

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