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Meet Derek Jack from Career Services!

We want to proudly introduce to you Derek Jack, Associate Director of the Career Services Team! For the past 17 years, Derek has worked with students in education majors and the communication disorders major. He helps students by "guiding them through essential activities involved in the jobs search and grad school admission process, including resume and cover letter writing, networking, job search tips, personal statements/letters of intent, and curriculum vitae documents."

Derek graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders and later received a master's in Rehabilitation Counseling. That is where he found his passion! When he isn't working, he "find[s] renewal in listening to audiobooks or music while gardening, hiking, or remodeling [his] home." He has been married to his wife for 23 years and they have six amazing children.

While talking with Derek, we learned a lot about the resources that he has available to help undergraduates interested in education. He has worked to develop a close relationship with district recruiters over the years. This allows him to create events that connect students to employers, "such as Education Career Fairs, Careers in Education Lunch Panels, and Teacher Networking Events." He also has multiple connections with schools in other states "which has been a help to graduates seeking teaching positions outside Utah."

With Derek's extensive experience, he has learned a lot about the importance of being an educator. Here's the advice he has to share with those who are considering a career in education: "I would encourage anyone considering this career path to truly examine the reasons you have for considering teaching. Every career has its challenges and teaching is no exception. But the benefits of teaching far outweigh the challenges. You are needed more than you think... A 2010 survey found that 88% of American adults reported having a teacher who had a 'significant, positive impact' on their life... Students learn much more than math or reading; they also learn hard lessons and life processes."

He goes on to say, "every day is a different story. For a teacher, no two days are the same. Just as every student is different and their lives change and grow daily, a teacher's job requires constantly adapting to the kids in their class... Teaching is not 'just a job,' it is a cornerstone for society... For teachers, this is a social and fulfilling occupation that encompasses compassion as much as structure. As a teacher, you have the privilege and responsibility to shape students' minds. What you teach them in the classroom is what they will offer to society in the future. You will be more than a teacher–you get to be the reason why individuals can go out and change the world."

If you weren't convinced of the joys of being an educator, you probably are now!

So, what's next? Work with Derek Jack! He will help you to understand needed endorsements, strengthen your resume, share networking events, and more.

He wants to help us just as much as we want to help our future students. In fact, he said the following: "My true paycheck is when a student follows up with me to share their success because of our work together."

You can reach out to Derek Jack HERE, or feel free to meet with an advisor HERE if you are ready to jump into an education major! We hope to see you at the McKay School soon!

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