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McKay School of Education Vision

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

At the McKay School of Education, we strive and believe that we should model the attributes of Jesus Christ. Christ was the perfect example of a teacher who helped prepare and guide those around Him to become the person He knew they could be.

The "For the Benefit of the World" map, which you can find here, shares our first core message. It says,

"At the BYU McKay School of Education, our inspiration is Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher. We educate for eternity, knowing that every person is a child of God with a divine nature and destiny."

We asked our student ambassadors what this paragraph meant to them.

"I love the focus the McKay School has placed on understanding our students individually, and Jesus Christ is the perfect example of that! Our savior truly knows and cares for each of us. This deep love and knowledge gives him the opportunity to help us grow and reach our full potential. I believe as educators strive to emulate some of the Savior's characteristics, we will be able to help our students reach their full potential. When students feel seen and loved, amazing growth can happen! I strive to become more like my savior every day because

I know that his example is what will mold me

into a successful educator." Annie

"I recently attended a conference that my Aunt, Barbara Morgan Gardner, spoke at. She discussed how important it is to remember the divine nature of the kids that we are teaching and that they truly are all sons and daughters of God! We are tasked with the incredible responsibility of teaching such divine beings. I think that is such an important thing to remember as we prepare to 'educate for eternity.' And, of course, the Master Teacher should always be at the forefront of our minds. When I think of Jesus Christ I think of him leading and teaching with compassion, love, and patience. I plan to take these values into my classroom and remember Jesus Christ and the divine nature of my students even on the hard days." Megan

"I have loved how the McKay School focuses on and helps us learn how to become teachers like Jesus Christ. Christ is the perfect example of a teacher that taught with love, patience, and kindness. He taught each of his followers to understand their true potential and learn that they are children of God. Those who followed Him might have not known him, but Christ knew exactly who they were. He knew of their divine nature and destiny. At the McKay School, I have learned that I can be just as the Savior was. [I can} help my future students learn about their divine nature and what they are meant to become. I believe that each student placed in our classrooms is placed to be our student for a reason. We must learn how we can teach with love, patience, and kindness such as the Savior did." Melanie

We want to hear from you! Message us at and share with us your thoughts about the core message!

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