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How to Choose a Major: PETE Edition

Are you passionate about living a healthy lifestyle? Do you love playing sports? Do you want to help the next generation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Physical Education Teaching/Coaching major (PETE) major might be the major for you!

Choosing a major is a big decision and can be really overwhelming and stressful. While there are many majors to choose from, this guide will help you decide if Physical Education is the major for you.

What is Physical Education Teaching and Coaching?

Physical Education Teaching and Coaching, (PETE), revolves around promoting an active lifestyle, instilling a love for physical fitness, and nurturing the next generation of athletes. The PETE major certifies you to be able to teach physical education in K-12 and coach many sports.

Career options

There are many career options from a PETE major including: PE teacher, coach, health and fitness instructor, athletic director, camp administrator and more!

How to get started

There are three prerequisite classes for the PETE major:

  • Fitness for life (PETE 227)

  • Human development (SFL 210)

  • Human nutrition (NDSF 100)

The PETE major is for all of those who are interested in sports, helping others, and being active. If you are interested in learning more, check out other blog posts about PETE here or feel free to reach out to a student ambassador here. 

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