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How Teaching Helps Us Feel Closer To Christ

The Mission of the McKay School of Education is, "We strive to model the attributes of Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, as we prepare professionals who educate with an eternal perspective." Teaching is a profession that can bring you closer to Christ in many different ways. In the scriptures Christ is referred to as the Master Teacher. He taught and impacted many people during his time on this earth. We asked our student ambassadors to share how they personally feel closer to Jesus Christ through teaching.

Valery Abila

Elementary Education

"Teaching makes me feel closer to Christ because, in a way, I feel like I am becoming more like Him as I teach. Our goal in life is to become like Christ, and Jesus Christ was the Master Teacher. He taught with love and cared for all He taught. In practicum, as I taught and got to know the students in my class, I grew to love them, and I had the desire to do everything I could to help them. This reminds me of the Savior because He was full of love. Whether He was encouraging someone or tutoring, everything the Savior did was an expression of love. This love and compassion for people and their needs led Him to teach in ways that were meaningful to them. When I teach with love and compassion, I feel closer to the Savior because I am following His example!"

Lauren Myers

Early Childhood Education

"When I am in a teaching situation, I always feel closer to Christ. I think that the reason teaching makes me feel closer to Christ is because of what He did while He was on the earth. He made sure that everyone felt heard, and He made sure that everyone could hear Him during His teachings. Not only did He give people the opportunity to learn and be taught, but He also gave individualized teaching. He taught one on one with many of those that needed it. Teachers also have a chance to do that with their students. They get to make sure that students are feeling heard and represented just as Jesus did."

Stefania Amado

Elementary Education

"Teaching makes me feel closer to Christ because when I follow the example of His teaching on earth, I know how to be better prepared to help my students while growing closer to my Savior. When we take after Christ’s attributes, we not only become better teachers, but we learn more about who Jesus Christ is and how He loves others. Charitable, patient, forgiving, and comforting are some of the many attributes of Christ that will help our students know their worth and the importance of what they’re learning. I love teaching because it gives me a fraction of what Christ’s ministry on earth was like."

Anna Glenn

Special Education Mild/Moderate

"I say this often, but one of my favorite things about teaching is what teachers refer to as light bulb moments. Light bulb moments are those times when the information students are being taught finally clicks for them. We know that learning cannot happen without inspiration, so when these students light up and learn, it’s really the Holy Ghost teaching them. In this sense, guiding students towards receiving inspiration can help open up pathways for inspiration in your own life. I know that I’ve felt close to Christ in those moments that I’ve shared with a student. There is an inexplicable feeling of joy that comes for both teacher and students when a student learns how to sound out a word. It’s a knowledge that this child has received through vital inspiration that will influence their ability to progress and grow.In order to help students in the best way possible, teachers strive to be their best selves. What better way to come closer to Christ than to try and be like Him?"

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