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Happy Easter!

Easter season is coming and we are so excited! This is the time to remember our Savior and celebrate His resurrection. Personally, this is my favorite holiday because it includes chocolate and Jesus Christ :) The McKay school mission statement is:

We strive to model the attributes of Jesus Christ, the master teacher, as we prepare professionals who educate with an eternal perspective.

Here at BYU, we strive to be more like Christ. I can't help but think of the story in the Bible in the book of Mark when He sat and met with all of the little children one by one. They sat on His lap and spoke with Him face to face. He loves His children. As teachers, we are blessed to work so closely with his children, and so as we strive to live like Christ, we will be blessed with His love.

I love this video "starting today". It reminds me that, because of Him, we can start every day over again. Because of Him, we have been given more chances to do good.

Happy Easter!

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