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Get Ahead Courses in Early Childhood Education

Last month we talked about the prerequisites for the Early Childhood education major (ECE) which include ECE 202, ELED 200, and SFL 210. You can find the article here if you want to learn more about the prerequisites to this major. 

Do you have your eyes set on ECE, and can't wait to dive into more classes? Check out some of these engaging classes that you can start before even getting admitted!

SFL 240- Parenting and Child Guidance

Theories and skills related to quality parent-child relationships. This is a 3 credit course that goes over different parenting styles. I took this class last semester and really enjoyed it. We were able to read parenting books and discuss the positives and negatives of each style. Very fun and educational class!

SFL 355-Language Development

Philosophical, social, intellectual, and emotional contexts of language acquisition and usage. This is a 3 credit course offered only during fall and winter semesters. You will critically analyze communication and language development of children. 

IP&T 371- Integrating K-12 Technology 1

Teaching majors will learn ideas and skills for integrating technology effectively into their teaching in areas of Internet communication, multimedia development, mobile learning, and web tools for teaching. This is a 1 credit course that is introductory to the other technology courses. This class will teach you how to better use and incorporate technology in the classroom. 

MUSIC 378- Music for the Elementary Classroom

Students will acquire personal musicianship skills applied to knowledge of age-appropriate musical activities, materials and delivery techniques for grades K–6. I took this class last spring and loved it! It is a simple course where you can learn the basics of music, and how to incorporate it in your classroom. It is a 2 credit course, and if you love music this is a great class. You spend most of your time learning children's songs, and the best way to teach them. 

If you have any other questions about the Early Childhood Education major, or would like to get more information on these classes, contact the advisor (JaNeece Thacker), or meet with a student ambassador today to hear directly from a current student here!

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