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For the Benefit of the World: Part 2

In our last post, For the Benefit of the World, we shared that the BYU McKay School of Education collects stories from students, faculty, and alumni to show what they have done around the world. These projects can range from numerous things such as mentoring, developing skills, teaching languages, and much more!

Click here to view the interactive map where people have added their stories.

Here are a few more projects that people have submitted to our page!

Sophie Little, Student Project

Sophie Little is a current student at BYU and was working on her research paper in March 2023. She mapped her project in Provo, Utah, this year.

She said about her project that "According to research, 15-22 percent of youth in America struggle with social-emotional skills. One of my passions is to teach children about emotional regulation. Psychologists argue that emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive impact because of its lifelong impact.

"Social emotional skills also help students to have a positive experience in school. Teachers have a responsibility to facilitate student achievement by modeling and reinforcing ideal behaviors. A supportive classroom environment becomes the space for children to practice social-emotional skills, which in turn helps students feel confident in their academic abilities."


Shannon Evans, Alumni Project

Shannon Evans is part of the Fulbright Teacher Exchanges Project. In this project, they focus on the discovery of global education through study and experiences. She mapped her experience in Marrakesh and Rabat, Morocco.

She shared about her project, "Fulbright exchange USA-Morocco benefits students in Morocco, students in Virginia, [and] teachers in both places."


Bryant Jensen, Faculty Project

Professor Bryan Jensen is a current professor at the BYU McKay School of Education. He mapped his experience in Morelos, Mexico in June 2022.

He wrote about this project by sharing that they were "improving collaborative professional learning opportunities for elementary teachers to enact equitable math teaching practices for students in rural Mexican communities."

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