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Finding Yourself in the Service of Others: ECE & EL ED Service Opportunities!

Y-Serve provides service-learning opportunities for BYU students. They have over 70 programs that provide both leadership and volunteer roles for students looking for ways to be involved. Their mission is to provide every student with a meaningful service opportunity and they seek to instill in the heart and mind a desire to give lifelong service.

Check out some of the many service opportunities in Early Childhood and Elementary Education!

Elementary Education:

  • South Franklin Community Center offers a variety of fun and fulfilling service opportunities in which volunteers work with children and teens.

    • Reading Club: If you choose this club, you would help children improve their reading skills and learn to love books.

    • Homework Help: Their purpose is to help elementary students with their homework and teach them about the importance of education.

    • Spanish-English Language Exchange: The goal is to help English speakers learn Spanish and Spanish speakers learn English.

  • Family Literacy gives you the opportunity to read with students at local elementary schools. It’s fun and you get to play a significant role in helping the kids improve their literacy skills!

    • Treeside: This is an opportunity to help students who attend Treeside Charter School in Provo. They meet each Tuesday at 1:50 PM at the WILK round-about to carpool there, and they get back by 3:30 pm.

  • Project Youth gives volunteers the opportunity to assist 5th and 6th-grade students from Title 1 schools by giving them a glimpse of campus life in hopes of instilling a desire for higher education! Volunteers lead these young students around campus and to breakout sessions that teach them about some of the amazing opportunities for learning ahead of them. Then, all of the students and volunteers will participate in a "Power Rally," which is a high-energy, closing assembly. The event for this school year will be on Thursday, March 3, 2022!

Early Childhood Education:

  • Boys and Girls Club is a great way to work with children. In this program, you get to tutor students and spend time with them. Expect to volunteer one hour a week for the entire semester. They are always in need of extra help so this is something you can always do with friends as well!

  • Early Learning Essentials is getting students prepared for elementary school. You get to work with pre-school children of low-income families to help with their social and cognitive development. You usually work in the classroom and play games or read books to the students.

  • Teaching and Loving Children is a club where you spend time with preschool students and their teachers and assist with anything the teacher needs. This is done at Sunrise Preschool which you can easily bike or walk to from BYU. Only one hour per week is needed and you can choose what time during school hours works best for you!

These are just some service opportunities available, check out the Y-Serve website to find out more ways to get involved!

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