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Education Fair Re-Cap

This past week the McKay School put on an Education Fair for students going into teaching or any other career in the education field (school counseling, school psychology, administration, etc.). There were over 50 districts represented there from over 5 different states!

Two of us had the opportunity to attend the fair and here are some of our thoughts:

Ashley Roberts: Special Education Major

This was my first time attending the education fair, and it was very informative. When I first entered the fair, I was a little intimidated with all these districts attending. However, talking with a few representatives I started to learn so much about future employment opportunities. This fair would be a great opportunity for prospective students as well to get a taste for what different districts are like.

One of my main takeaways was from a district representative in Wyoming. He counseled me that in whichever district I eventually interview in to ask about the supports available for special education teachers in the first few years of teaching. I really appreciated all the information I learned about the varying districts.

Annie Wright: Early Childhood Education Major

I have attended the education fair a few times and each time has been helpful for different reasons! The first time I attended the fair, I was an education pre-major. Going to the fair early on in my schooling allowed me to learn a lot about what schools are looking for in prospective teachers and decide if this career was something I was really interested in. I would highly recommend attending this fair to anyone that is thinking about education or has been recently accepted to a McKay School major!

This time attending, I was more focused on talking with various districts about prospective jobs! I had the opportunity to speak with a lot of districts from Utah and Arizona (my home state). Talking with multiple districts in the same place gave me some perspective into what schools I want to interview with and what I am looking for in a district. At the fair, I also had the opportunity to do a mock interview with a district in Arizona. This interview was really helpful for me in knowing how to prepare for future interviews. I would highly recommend attending this fair to anyone at any point in their journey toward being a teacher!

Here are some tips to make the most of your experience at future educations fairs:

  • Preparation: Take time to research the district/schools you are most interested in.

  • Pitch: We recommend preparing an 'elevator pitch,' a 30-second introduction for recruiters, focusing on your background, skills, interests and goals.

  • Practice: Practice dialogue with friends or family.

  • Have copies of your resume as recruiters still like a hard copy.

  • Post-fair: Follow-up with the recruiters you connected with.

If you enjoyed learning about the education fair, click here to schedule an appointment with a student ambassador to learn more!

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