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ECE Internship Spotlight: Rachel Mix

Updated: Nov 16

Rachel Mix is an early childhood intern from Idaho Falls, ID. She enjoys playing volleyball and anything music-related, like dancing and singing. She also loves elephants and is obsessed with Florida! Rachel decided to be a teacher because she loves inspiring children and helping them reach their dreams.

Rachel is currently doing her Early Childhood Education Internship in a 1st grade classroom in the Alpine School District. She decided to do an internship instead of student teaching because she wanted to get the full experience of being in charge of her own classroom.

Doing an internship means she gets to do everything: parent/teacher conferences, grading, setting up her classroom, lesson planning for a whole year, etc.

This internship has allowed her to learn "how to persevere in hard situations, how to find the fun and positivity in teaching, and the best way to deal with student behaviors."

To learn more about Early Childhood Education or the other majors of the McKay School, schedule a meeting with a student ambassador here!

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