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Arts Integration Minor

Arts Integration Minor and Student Spotlight!

Have you always loved the arts? Do you absolutely adore theater? Or perhaps are deeply passionate about the visual arts? Have you always wanted to integrate these things into your future classroom?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then the Arts Integration minor may be right for you!

The Arts Integration Minor is a 15-17 credit minor meant to fulfill the requirements for the Utah Board of Education's Arts Integration Endorsement. This minor is filled to the brim with dance, theater, visual art, and music classes, all of which are sure to deeply enrich your life.

Through courses like "Drama in the Elementary Classroom" (TMA 352), "Introduction to Ceramics" (ART 105), or "Foundational Street Dance Styles" (DANCE 245), you will better learn how to bring the arts into your classroom and straight into the hearts of your students.

Many of these courses also fulfill a GE or Major requirements so you can have fun while checking off not just one, but two boxes! These classes include:

  • MUSIC 202 (CIV 2 and ARTS GE)

  • ART 326, DANCE 326, MUSIC 378, and TMA 352 (ELED + ECE Requirement)

  • ART 101, ART 104, ART 105, ART 326, ART ED 397, MUSIC 101, MUSIC 202, MUSIC 203, MUSIC 204 (ARTS GE)

After completing all your courses, you will submit a portfolio to the Utah Board of Education and receive an endorsement that works in conjunction with your teaching license. To learn more about what is required and what

the submission process is like, check out this link: Arts Integration Endorsement

We recently caught up with McKay School student, Anna, who is currently completing the Arts Integration Minor to hear what she had to say!

"Hey! I'm Anna Christensen, and I'm a junior studying Early Childhood Education, with minors in TESOL and Arts Integration. I'm from central Illinois, I am the oldest of four kids, and I love baking and painting in my free time!"

Why did you decide to do the Arts Integration Minor?

"I love the arts and had even considered going into Art Education before I settled on my major, so I loved the idea of being able to stay in my major but still get some experience in teaching the arts as well. Additionally, incorporating the arts into classroom learning is an extremely important facet of education that most public schools don't have much access to right now. I want to be able to help not only my individual students, but also the administration at my school, find more ways to integrate art into the classroom. This minor will help me have the skills to do so!"

What Is your favorite class you've taken because of your minor?

"I really loved taking Music for the Elementary Classroom Teacher (MUSIC 378) from Professor Emilee Knell! I learned so much from Professor Knell about how I can incorporate music into the everyday classroom. I loved the chance we had to prepare and teach real music lesson plans--I will definitely use those plans in the future, and it's great practice in a low pressure environment."

What surprised you about the Arts Integration Minor?

"One thing that has surprised me about this minor is how much I've been able to learn and practice my own artistic skills! I thought it would only be about learning to teach art to students, and while that's definitely part of it, I love that I get to improve my own skills as an artist as well."

Would you recommend this minor to a fellow McKay School student?

"Absolutely! I think it's a great way to incorporate a specific passion into your major, especially since you get to choose which focus (fine arts, dance, drama, or music) you pursue in the minor. Having the skills to create and teach art will also help you cultivate creativity in your students, and ultimately make you a better and more marketable teacher."

To learn more about this minor and the courses you would be taking, check out this link: Arts in the Elementary Classroom

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